BTL SVC - 1934 COSMO 100ML

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BTL SVC - 1934 COSMO 100ML

BTL SVC is a great tasting, hand-crafted, premium quality, ready to drink cocktail conveniently served in those hard to reach places such as your airplane seat or hotel room.

BTL SVC is Raising The Bar by providing a reliable and convenient solution for those who do not have the time, ingredients, tools, knowledge or access to make or get a quality cocktail.

BTL SVC uses only the finest, premium quality ingredients. There are no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or favors. Only real, natural ingredients are used. BTL SVC cocktails taste as good as any cocktail you will find at your favorite bar or restaurant. We guarantee it.

1934 Cosmo 100ml/375ml 20% ABV

The BTL SVC Cosmo is mixed with premium quality vodka, dry Curacao, and a custom house-made raspberry gomme with fresh lime juice. An orange zest completes this early 1934 original. Cosmopolitan recipe. SOC: Premium Vodka, Dry Curacao, Raspberry Gomme, Fresh Lime Juice, Citrus Oil

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