538 Wine and Spirits is located inside The California Club, a private social club established in 1888 in downtown Los Angeles. Although the California Club is a private club, 538 Wine & Spirits is open to the public, as are the tasting events and dinners. While the store is not on the main street side, it is easily accessible through the side door on the ground floor of the California Club. 

Interesting fact - 538 Wine and Spirits has been in the same location since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 when it became legal to sell alcohol again. However, it was later discovered that just because alcohol was illegal, did not mean that the club did not occasionally have a party where alcohol was present. During a 2015 renovation of 538 Wine and Spirits, when removing a wooden panel, a hidden metal sliding door which opens onto the parking garage was discovered. It is believed to be a secret entry where allegedly alcohol was smuggled into the club during Prohibition and it had been kept a secret for more than 80 years! Today the newly restored 'Prohibition Door' is used to deliver wines directly to your car. 



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